Aural ID

Genelec Aural ID är en programvara som ger stora förbättringar när det kommer till att leverera tydligt och tillförlitligt ljud som gör att exempelvis en ljudredigering kan återge stereoljud, surroundljud eller immersivt innehåll via hörlurar.

“Genelec Aural ID is a significant first step towards the use of headphones for actual reference audio monitoring and listening. It’s a big step for Genelec and a giant leap for the professional audio community.”

Siamäk Naghian / Genelec Managing Director

The challenges of headphone monitoring

Our head, outer ear shapes and head movements provide us with a wonderful ability to localise sound sources, which is why monitoring over loudspeakers works so effectively. Headphones, however, break the link to these natural mechanisms we have acquired over our lifetime, making it harder to localise sounds – since sounds from headphones seem to reside ‘inside’ our heads rather than all around us.


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