Genelec helps power AES Automotive Conference in Gothenburg

null Genelec helps power AES Automotive Conference in Gothenburg

Genelec helps power AES Automotive Conference in Gothenburg

Morten Lindberg detailing recording in the Forest room. AES Gothenburg 2024.
The recent Audio Engineering Society event in Gothenburg provided a great opportunity to discuss the latest in automotive sound, and to hopefully inspire developers with the emotional impact that 3D music has to offer.

As well as taking part in the official programme with a study on auditory envelopment, we were able to ship the 7.1.4 monitoring system that we’d provided for the recent AES Madrid convention direct to the sold out Gothenburg conference. It was an excellent idea by AES to offer attendees an actual 3D reference room where two of the finest 3D recording and mixing artists – Stefan Bock and Morten Lindberg – could play hi-resolution music and explain their creations. The conference was wrapped up by Genelec Senior Technologist, Thomas Lund:

2024_AES_Gothenburg_Morten detailing recording in the Forest room
Morten Lindberg detailing recording in the Forest room.

2024_AES_Gothenburg_Stefan detailing a new mix in the Forest room
Stefan Bock detailing a new mix in the Forest room.

"The emotional impact of uncompromised 3D music has to be experienced to be believed, and the event was positive far beyond expectation. The conference was really well organized, and in establishing dialogue between music production and car playback, it was encouraging to see a more even gender balance than has been the norm in pro audio.

Automotive sound is pulling ahead also on other objectives, for instance in discovering dimensions outside sheer frequency response, which will be necessary in achieving the full, stimulating potential of 3D music. The car has become an oasis for social listening, as opposed to the ego-bubbles we're often in when playing music on headphones, so establishing unique conditions for tranquillity, excitement and bonding will be an enormous benefit when getting it right.

2024_AES_Gothenburg_Sofia explaining measurement and listening
Sofia Checa explaining measurement and listening.

2024_AES_Gothenburg_Thomas describing auditory envelopment
Thomas Lund describing auditory envelopment.

Those were also the qualities my auditory envelopment (AE) panel with Sofia Checa and Morten Lindberg revolved around. Sofia reported on tools to best make use of in-cabin transducers, Morten on how 3D recordings have a higher emotional potential than stereo, and I presented new studies on AE. The final twist was being able to have this discussion in Gothenburg, the city of touch, from where eminent researchers 30 years ago first reported undiscovered features of friendly touch – leading to gradual, heightened pleasure and comfort in the receiver via non-neural mediation. Indications now are, AE has commonalities with friendly touch.

So thank you Gothenburg for hosting us, and thanks to the organizers and everyone that helped make this a truly memorable and inspiring event."

2024 AES Gothenburg Sofia Checa, Thomas Lund, Morten Lindberg, Stefan Bock
L to R: Sofia Checa, Thomas Lund, Morten Lindberg and Stefan Bock after the talk.

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