G*Connect Webinar: Immersive Monitoring in Music, Games and Broadcast

null G*Connect Webinar: Immersive Monitoring in Music, Games and Broadcast

G*Connect Webinar: Immersive Monitoring in Music, Games and Broadcast


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As more and more immersive audio content is being consumed by lovers of music, film, television, and gaming; the engineers and creatives who truly understand the fundamentals of immersive audio monitoring are more likely to produce mixes that translate consistently, whatever the playback medium.

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In this session, Markus Kahelin and Thomas Lund discuss the following topics:

• How we listen, and the concept of immersive audio monitoring.
• Personal head-related acoustics.
• Perceptional audio quality.
• Localisation, spherical hearing, and slow listening.
• Listening fatigue.
• In-room monitoring versus headphone monitoring.
• The differences between stereo and immersive listening.

This session is perfect for those already working with immersive audio, and those who are considering getting involved with this exciting and fast-growing format.

Meet the Presenters

Thomas is one of the fathers of the loudness and peak-level measurement standards used widely from music production over streaming and broadcast to OTT. Perception has been at the centre of his professional life, working first as a physician and then in pro audio research. Thomas has written a number of papers; he is senior technologist at Genelec, and is the convenor of an EU expert group tasked with the prevention of recreational hearing loss.

Markus has a long history of using and designing audio systems for a wide range of applications, from drama theatre and performing arts, to large scale installations. He has a Master’s degree in sound design, and has also studied networked communication systems and electrical engineering. Markus joined Genelec in 2008, and as Technology Service Manager he currently handles project support and technical education activities worldwide.