8320 och 7350 Stereo System

Vår mest kompakta smarta aktiva monitor och subbas kombination. Denna kraftfulla kombination kan skräddarsys till ditt rums akustiska förutsättningar – levererande precis lågfrekvent information och mixar du kan lita på.

Produkter i detta system

2 × 8320A
Genelec 7350A SAM Studio Subwoofer
1 × 7350A

Produkter i detta system



100 dB


55 Hz - 23 kHz (-6dB)


H 242 x W 151 x D 142 mm, with Iso-Pod™ (vy i tum)



104 dB


22 Hz - 160 Hz (-6dB)


H 410 x W 350 x D 319 mm, (vy i tum)


Smart Active Monitor-system (SAM™)

Aktiva delningsfilter

Tekniken Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™)

Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™)


Tekniken Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™)

Optimerade förstärkare



Mångsidiga monteringsalternativ

Bass Management

Tekniken Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™)

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There are several improvements in the new 83xx products. The capability to adapt to the room acoustics has been improved greatly, and, for example, 8320 and 8330 products provide four to five times higher number of tools for room response compensation compared to the 82xx products. The delay alignment capability has been expanded from about 80 ms to about 200 ms in 83xx. 83xx have been time-equalized internally to have a constant input-to-output delay above 400 Hz. 83xx products can level align by 60 dB.

All 83xx and 73xx products support distributed bass management, enabling the audio signal to be passed unmodified from the source and through the subwoofer into the monitors. 73xx subwoofers support a multichannel analogue audio signal and stereo AES/EBU digital audio signal.

The Classic 8000 Series monitors have an analogue input. The 7200 Series SAM subwoofers have AES/EBU digital outputs only. However, other 7300 Series SAM subwoofers have analogue inputs and outputs and can be used also with analogue monitors.

Which SAM™ Products You Are Going to Mix With the Classic 8000 Series?
Mixing 8000 Series and SAM™ monitors is not recommended

We do not recommend mixing Classic 8000 Series monitors with SAM™ Monitors.
If the analogue input sensitivity of 8000 Series and SAM™ Series monitors are the same, Genelec SAM™ Monitors exhibit a slightly larger latency (< 5 ms) than 8000 Series monitors. Therefore Classic 8000 Series and SAM™ Series monitors should not be mixed in a stereo pair or multichannel setup.

It is alright to mix Classic 8000 Series with SAM™ Subwoofers

However, it is okay to mix the Classic 8000 Series monitors with SAM™ Subwoofers. Any Classic 8000 Series monitors can be used with SAM™ Subwoofers, in any stereo or multichannel setup.

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