Stereopar 8010A

Om du letar efter professionell prestanda i ett kompakt format har du kommit helt rätt. För mindre studioutrymmen och mobil inspelning är 8010 en perfekt partner för lyssning som främjar din kreativitet.

Produkter i detta system

2 × 8010A

Great performance-to-size ratio

The 8010A offers industry leading performance in its size category.

The 8010A is a very small studio monitor, but it has performance way beyond its size. There has been a tremendous amound of research and development put into the tiny speaker, and the end result is a real, high quality tool that you can use to make critical judgment calls about your audio.

The combination of extremely compact size, high quality audio reproduction, surprising levels of SPL, and solid bass extension down to 67 Hz mean that you can take them wherever you go and still work confidently, without missing anything.

Easy to take wherever you go

The 8010A's are so small and portable that you can easily pack them in your backpack, carry-on luggage or, in a pinch, even toss them in a plastic bag.

The small size and robust aluminium enclosure means that the 8010A's can be packed and unpacked time after time, and continue to function without a hitch. When you take them out, all you need is a power outlet and an audio source with balanced outs.

No matter if you're going to an important meeting to demo your music to your customer, or if you want to share your latest ideas with your friends, the portability of the Genelec 8010A's make them the ideal high quality loudspeakers to take with you. We even have a carrying bag for them!

Produkter i detta system



96 dB


67 Hz - 25 kHz (-6dB)


H 195 x W 121 x D 115 mm, with Iso-Pod™ (vy i tum)


Aktiva delningsfilter


Tekniken Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™)

Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™)


Tekniken Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™)

Optimerade förstärkare



Mångsidiga monteringsalternativ

Genelec 8010A Studio Monitor Introduction Video

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The Classic 8000 Series monitors have an analogue input. The 7200 Series SAM subwoofers have AES/EBU digital outputs only. However, other 7300 Series SAM subwoofers have analogue inputs and outputs and can be used also with analogue monitors.

Which SAM™ Products You Are Going to Mix With the Classic 8000 Series?
Mixing 8000 Series and SAM™ monitors is not recommended

We do not recommend mixing Classic 8000 Series monitors with SAM™ Monitors.
If the analogue input sensitivity of 8000 Series and SAM™ Series monitors are the same, Genelec SAM™ Monitors exhibit a slightly larger latency (< 5 ms) than 8000 Series monitors. Therefore Classic 8000 Series and SAM™ Series monitors should not be mixed in a stereo pair or multichannel setup.

It is alright to mix Classic 8000 Series with SAM™ Subwoofers

However, it is okay to mix the Classic 8000 Series monitors with SAM™ Subwoofers. Any Classic 8000 Series monitors can be used with SAM™ Subwoofers, in any stereo or multichannel setup.